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Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The movie is one of The Star Wars trilogies. This movie has received numerous reviews since its release, both fans and critics have shown conflicting views and also show differences in opinion. It comes as a surprise that 94 percent of critics have given the movie a positive review. Critics are not known to hand out positive reviews on a platter of gold, so the popular belief is that the movie was good. But among the viewers of this movie, there were some conflicting opinions, and some of them think that the movie was an abysmal failure. About 70% of those who viewed the movie gave it a rating of about 3.5. However one of the viewers had a different opinion, he said that he believes that Star Wars 8: The last Jedi is the worst Star Wars ever. In summary from all the reviews, we see that the movie is an interesting one but is laced with disappointment and excitement at every turn.

  • StarsDaisy Ridley, Mark Hamill, Adam Driver
  • GenreAction, Adventure, Fantasy
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Thor: Ragnarok

The Marvel character Thor has won the heart of fans all over the world; it has enjoyed a positive review since its inception. That is why it does not come as a surprise that 73% of critics around the world has given it a positive review while it's ratings from viewers all over the world is 7.7/10. This is a good statistic. However, it has received some negative reviews too, but when compared with the positive reviews they become insignificant. The movie is basically about Thor and the role he played in what was the greatest Wars of all time. Here are a few thoughts on the movie One critic thinks that it is an enthusiastic idea of what a Marvel movie can become. Another critic believes that it is a better film than its predecessors. All in all the movie has once again gotten a string of good reviews, and this has placed it on the top charts of Box office.

  • StarsChris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchett
  • GenreAction, Adventure, Comedy
Preview Thor: Ragnarok

Justice League

Justice League is one of the movies starring Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Batman enlists the help of Wonder Woman, and they both form an army of metahumans to save the world from impending doom. This movie has received lots of negative reviews from critics. It has been trashed by many critics saying it has no continuity, the CGI is poor, the story is wacky and many other horrible things are being said about this movie. One critic was grateful that he viewed the movie for free as he would have regretted paying for it. But viewers around the world seem to have a different opinion, most of them believed the movie was good but could do better. They also say that critics are harsh on the movie. Although the CGI, and storyline were not mind-blowing, that does not mean that it was awful. In summary, however, you can say that despite the fact that the movie was not everybody's favorite, it is still a good movie to watch.

  • StarsBen Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams
  • GenreAction, Adventure, Fantasy
Preview Justice League

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