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Black Panther

One of the good things that Marvel movies have going for them is their ability not to take themselves too seriously. And that’s a great feat because it seems to be working out fine for them (I guess the DC films need to adopt that method). While all the other Marvel movies tend to be similar (hero saves the day), Black Panther was a little bit different from the others. Sure it still had the same theme; it had quite a lot to say on several world issues. The film picks up right after the events of Captain America: Civil War and it shows the audience how T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) copes after his father’s death. He’s faced with the dilemma of following in his father’s footsteps or deviating from the norm. It all gets worse when Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) shows up and challenges him for the throne. While it was apparent Killmonger’s motives were terrible, we were able to sympathize with him because of the events that shaped his past.

  • StarsChadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o
  • GenreAction, Adventure, Sci-Fi
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Red Sparrow

This R-rated American spy thriller film tells us the story of Dominika Egorova (Jennifer Lawrence). She’s a prima ballerina in modern-day Russia who’s made to join an elite team of operatives (Sparrows) who seduce (and most times kills) their targets, so that she’d be able to support her sick mother after her career ends abruptly. After managing to endure the sadistic tortures that the Sparrows are made to go through all in the name of training, Dominika emerges as the most dangerous operative that the school has ever produced. She then goes on to involve herself in various schemes that can only be tolerated because it’s Jennifer Lawrence. While several critics disliked the sexist themes in Red Sparrow, many still praised Jennifer Lawrence’s performance, since that was the only good thing the movie had going for it. I’ll give the film a B- on an A to F scale based on the fact that they had a pretty good cast.

  • StarsJennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton, Matthias Schoenaerts
  • GenreMystery, Thriller
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Game Night

Game Night shows the audience what happens when sibling rivalry is taken to a whole new level. With a stellar cast including Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams, the movie depicts what happens to a couple and their friends when game night turns out to be quite deadly. With Jason and Rachel, you can always expect a great and fun movie, and Game Night isn’t an exception to the rule. In the film, they play a married couple that is obsessed with board games, competitive, and struggling to conceive because of Bateman’s character’s feelings of inadequacy. What should have been a typical night of fun with friends turns out to be quite dangerous, with real-life consequences when Brooks (the older brother) shows up in his flashy red Corvette and makes things more interesting. Game Night balances the elements of dark humor and violence without spilling too far in either of the directions. It’s filled with highly memorable characters and hilarious scenes that will make you want to see the movie all over again. I’ll give it a B+ on a scale of A to F.

  • StarsJason Bateman, Rachel McAdams, Kyle Chandler
  • GenreComedy, Crime, Mystery
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