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The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 (2009)

The day of Walter Garber, a controller of the New York subway, becomes a chaos when one of the trains stops in the middle of a tunnel and they inform him that it is a kidnapping, requesting for his release 10 million dollars in One hour, threatening to kill a person for every minute that passes. They immediately contact the police and the mayor of the city, who, in the midst of a media campaign motivated by a love affair, tries to prevent his popularity from falling, so he agrees to comply with the request of the robbers. In front of the assailants is the one who identifies himself as Ryder, who engages in conversation with Garber, and rejects as mediator the police mediator, even killing the subway driver when Garber is replaced. Among the assailants, they recognize Phil Ramos, a former subway conductor who was in prison and who knows Garber, although it does not fit him as a driver since he held a higher position. Ryder forces him to tell him the reasons for his degradation: they accuse him of having accepted a bribe from the Japanese train manufacturers to report favorably the renewal of the fleet with the Japanese convoys. And it will force him to confess also, so as not to kill anyone, that, in fact, he accepted the money ($ 30,000) even though the report was already favorable to them before receiving it. And that he invested in his children's university.

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Release Date: 12 June 2009
IMDb icon 6.4/10
  • Country: USA, UK
  • Language: English | Ukrainian
  • Runtime: 1h 46min
  • Budget: $100,000,000
  • Revenue: $65,452,312
  • Costs: above average
  • Costs p. Min.: $943,396